Today’s Travel Tip: Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon-KoopsenBy Mike Koopsen

The first time I entered a slot canyon, the stillness of it really surprised me, and the light bouncing off of the sandstone walls was unbelievable. There are quite a few slot canyons throughout the American Southwest, but two of the most popular ones to see are Upper and Lower Antelope Canyons just outside of Page, Arizona. Upper Antelope Canyon is the one that most people visit because it is very user friendly, and most really enjoy the experience. However, Lower Antelope Canyon is a very beautiful, but much narrower, slot canyon and is toured by climbing up and down some very steep ladders. Consequently, you should be in good physical condition and feel comfortable in confined spaces to have a good time here.

I find that the canyons are best photographed on sunny days, usually mid-morning through mid-afternoon from April to September, when the sun is higher in the sky. On cloudy days the canyons are still very special places to see, but on clear days there are times that the textured sandstone walls will glow with reflective light that include colors that range from lavenders and pinks to oranges and golds.

Slot canyons are to be avoided on rainy days due to the danger of flash flooding!

Mike Koopsen of Trails Traveled Photography lives in Sedona. See more of his work here.

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