Review of Hummingbird Plants of the Southwest

9781940322032The Native Plant Society of New Mexico has reviewed Marcy Scott’s new book, Hummingbird Plants of the Southwest, in their New Mexico’s Voice for Native Plants newsletter.  An excerpt of the review by Renée West follows: you can read the full review on page 9 of the newsletter here.

this [book] is different from the step-by-step instruction manuals. Hummingbird Plants is decorated with many gorgeous pictures of flowers and of hummingbirds. But this offering is decidedly more contemplative, more in the inspirational mode. It offers lots of information and tidbits that you might not have considered before (physiological, chemical, environmental) and challenges you to make your own choices. . . .

Scott uses skill, humor, and information to help us recognize the loss of habitat that can be attributed to our kind, and gently urges us to do our own little part to reverse some of the bad.


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