Literary Havana

By Ross and Susan Humphreys

We’d like to point out a correction and addition to Walter Parks’s fascinating account of his travels in Cuba earlier this year, which was posted here in February.

Pedro Ángel Verá

Pedro Ángel Verá

An important name was inadvertently omitted, for which we apologize. When this year’s Literary Havana tour visited the Teatro Bertolt Brecht, the distinguished actor and director Pedro Ángel Verá also addressed the group. Trained in the former Soviet Union under a student of Constantin Stanislavski, Mr. Verá offered unforgettable insights into the Stanislavski method as well as the development of Cuban theater over the years.

Another important bulletin:  Our friend and tour leader Tom Miller has just announced the formation of another People to People tour, Literary Havana V.  The link has complete details, including this year’s itinerary and costs. This special opportunity to experience the culture and people of Cuba should not be missed.


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