Foodies West review of Modern Southwest Cooking

Modern-SW-coverFoodies West has published a great review of Chef Ryan Clark’s new cookbook, Modern Southwest Cooking.

An excerpt from the review follows. Read the full article, which includes a sample recipe from the book, at Foodies West.

Seriously, this book is the cutting edge of a deliciously brilliant imagination. The title is pure understatement. “Modern” doesn’t do a single page justice. Clark has used his own version of a culinary over-the-horizon radar to “invent” dishes that leave you mumbling—gosh, why didn’t I think of that? Well, according to Clark, if you don’t play with your food, you may never know. Blueberry and wine meatballs with outrageous mole sauce? Yup, a totally yummy invention that you won’t easily forget. Tucson’s very own culinary wunderkind has set the pace for many of the new flavor combinations that will soon be coming your way. Did we mention healthy? Healthy is as healthy does and in Clark’s kitchen every key ingredient is treated with respect. What are the “key” ingredients? Get the book, seriously.

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