Two New Releases Now Available!

Two new releases are here and they are not to be missed!

Guess Who’s in the Desert is now available!  This engaging children’s book by award-winning author Charline Profiri, is an interactive guessing game, full of bright, unique illustrations by Susan Swan.  Guess Who’s in the Desert has fun, rhyming text and clues on every page that invite curious children to discover what surprises the desert holds.  Every page holds a new mystery that keeps kids guessing.  Come on and join the adventure; you never know what you might find!  “During the desert’s sizzling heat, guess which creatures you might meet!”

Sedona Map and Guide is also available!  This map and guide is a comprehensive resource for all your needs, whether you’re just visiting the local shops or hiking one of the beautiful trails in the Sedona area.  Along with information on trails, vortexes, camping, sightseeing, and more, Sedona insiders Bronze Black and Kathleen Bryant provide highlights of the history, geology, archaeology, plants, and animals of the area.  This all-in-one guide also showcases 50 color photographs of Sedona sights.  It’s a must-have map for any Sedona trip!

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